Why is the paper a different size than the image? What size frame should I buy?

  • Our prints are designed to be displayed in frames with mattes. The extra white margin stabilizes the print behind the matte. To get the same matted look shown in most of our displays you will need a frame one size larger than the print. So a 8'' x 10'' would go in an 11'' x 14'' frame with a 8'' x 10'' matted opening. If you already have frames the same size as your print or don't want to use a matte, that is fine too. The white margin is easily trimmed off. You can do this yourself since the edge won't show behind the frame.  Be sure to check out our complete explanation on print sizing.

What do the sizes in the drop-down menu mean?

  • The sizes listed in the drop-down denote the matte opening size that the print is designed to fit. There is an extra white margin in addition to those measurements. The margin should not be visible when framed. All sizes are in inches.

You say they are printed on canvas, why do I need a frame?

  • The prints are printed on canvas. It is the same kind of canvas that is used for wrapped canvas art. But, the margins on the canvas are not large enough to accommodate a stretcher frame and therefore should be used like regular paper prints in a frame. We use canvas instead of paper because it is more durable and resistant to creasing during shipping It also has a lovely texture that makes the prints look more like paintings.

Can I mix and match sets or substitute different prints in a set?

  • My transportation and surf sets allow for substitutions.  If you would like a substitution, be sure to leave me detailed instructions in the “note” box when you purchase.  Also, since most of our prints are available individually you can build any set you like.  Be sure to make use of our 30% off coupon codes to take advantage of multipack pricing.  If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

Is it possible to see a sample proof?

  • Yes, absolutely! Feel free to contact the shop and let us know what you would like.

Can I get these images as digital files?

  • Yes, actually we are working to make all of our non color customizable art available for digital download.  If you don't see what you are looking for feel free to ask. 

Does my order come with tracking?

  • All US orders automatically include tracking.
  • International orders usually include tracking while the package is in the US. Destination countries often continue to relay the tracking info back to USPS, but this service is at their discretion. This often leads to very sketchy and sometimes inaccurate tracking info. Also, it is very normal for packages to spend a week or more in either US or foreign customs, leading to a gap in the tracking information.