About Us


Paper Llamas workroom buisy stamping packages.

Hello hello, we are Paper Llamas!
We make original canvas art prints.  My name is Erin.  I am the artist behind this little corner of the web.  Every drawing in our shop is an original.  I don't use any stock images or clip art and we don't offer wholesale.  So each and every print comes directly from our workshop and is only available here or in our Etsy shop.
We have been making original children's art since 2011. Before that, I was a stay at home mom and my husband, Josh, worked as a painter.  (The kind with a ladder and a roller, not an artist.)  When the housing market collapsed, we had to come up with something.  Stay at home mom has an excellent payout in family happiness, but it doesn't pay the electric bill.  I didn't want to leave my 3 kids, so I opened up what I hoped would be a side hustle on Etsy.  Things were a bit bumpy at first, but eventually, it took off.  People started to buy my art!  We soon discovered that this was much more than a side hustle, and Josh was able to give up painting.  So now here we are, fully invested in Paper Llamas.  We have more than 11,000 sales and Paper Llamas art has found homes all over the world.  It really is an honor that so many mothers have let us be a part of their children's lives.  
Paper Llamas truly is a family business.  We work from our little house in the country.  Josh handles all the printing, packaging and shipping.  My oldest son has started to handle the techy web building stuff. (Thank Goodness!)  My younger son and daughter stamp the "Do not bend" stamp and carry packages down our very long driveway to the mailbox.  I do all our communications and customer service, so if you contact Paper Llamas you will be speaking directly to the artist. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look around.  And thanks especially to all our customers who have made it possible for us to live our dream.  I hope you like what you find in our store. :)
Paper llamas baby animal prints in workroom.